Dear Voters,

The reason I became a lawyer was to give back to our community - the community in which I grew up. I was honored and blessed when you, the community, placed your trust in me and elected me as Judge of County Court at Law #6. Well friends, that time has come again.

It is amazing how fast four years can go by. Much has happened during this time. We started homeschooling both of our children and we moved into a new house. Thanks to strong leadership, Collin County continues to expand and further solidify its place as the crown jewel of not just Texas, but of the entire Nation.

We must continue to demonstrate why our community is so great and judges have a significant role in doing so. Whether it is a jury duty summons, suing someone and seeking just compensation or being sued, being accused of a crime or seeking justice as a victim, no place else does government affect people more directly than in a court of law. That is why it is of utmost importance that we continue to have strong leadership in our judiciary.

I was honored to have your support before and hopefully I can count on it again. Together, we will continue to enjoy a safe, prosperous, and just community.


Judge Jay Bender